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Yamakita Saki (山北早紀) aka Saki-sama (さきさま) is the leader of i☆Ris. Her image color in i☆Ris is Green. She is also in the group TRIANGLE, along with former i☆Ris member Shibuya Azuki.


  • Special Skill: Making pastry, twirling
  • Hobby: Traveling alone
  • Favorite Anime: Pokémon
  • Favorite Anime Song: Pokémon master Aim / Matsumoto Rika
  • Charm Point: Soft cheeks
  • Dream: To become the person who deliveres hope and smiles to everyone.

History and Career

She was born and grew up in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. She moved to Tokyo when she was 21, when she first entered the 2012 Anison Vocal Audition. In an interview, Saki has stated that she was an introvert as a kid, her mother being her only comfort. She remembered playing by herself in kindergarten, on the swings and dancing. Even when she entered elementary school, she went home early and would normally stay there. She didn’t like to stand out very much - keeping to herself - but as she started high school, she began to take an interest to male idols, and found her passion - to become an idol herself. She wanted to become cool, therefore, she cut her hair shorter and got her ears pierced, without telling her parents. She soon fell in love with female voice actors, such as Mitsuki Saiga and Aya Hirano, giving her another passion to become a seiyuu. As soon as she graduated, she started attending a talent training school in Sapporo (her hometown), while also handling a part-time job as a maid. As it was too much to handle, she decided to quit the training school, and just find some work she could apply for. At some point, she found the ‘2012 Anison Vocal Audition’, and she decided to audition. She was a bit skeptical and hesitant, being over 20 years old. So much that she applied 10 minutes before the deadline! Fortunately, she was able to get through to the final examination, and thus travelled to Tokyo. She had wanted to leave an impact at the interview, and said her charm points were her big ears and puffy cheeks! A few weeks later, she has received an email saying she has passed the examination, to find that she wasn’t the only successful candidate, there were 5 others. She states that after the group has formed and met each other, all 6 of them went to 2 summer training camps. She stated at a hotel in Tokyo for 10 days and spent all her time practising her singing and dancing. She woke up at 6am and ran around the Jingu Stadium in Gaien. Running isn’t her strongest point, and both her and Miyu were always last when they ran as a whole group. As the group released more singles as the months passed, they began to gain popularity and soon were offered to voice the 6 main characters of the anime PriPara. She states that was the turning point for i☆Ris, and they had gained a lot more recognition.


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