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Updated July 5th

  • For the Song Chronology part, please refrain from adding songs out of the single/album. For example, Shining Star is the first track on the single, therefore the Previous section should be empty instead of putting Manatsu no Hanabi to Himitsu Kichi there.
  • On the song infoboxes, Kanji should only be filled in only if the song title is originally in kanji. For example, “Dream Parade” is officially written in kanji as “ドリームパレード”, so it should be filled. But “Spending” is officially written that way, therefore, the kanji/romaji title should not be filled out as “スペンヂング”.

Requirements on Pages

“Work in Progress” (WIP) Pages

Please make sure the correct form of grammar is used throughout the pages. This wiki is still under intense construction and many pages have stubs. Please look through the WIP category and update pages that need updating. This is the most important requirement as most of this wiki has been categorised as a stub. Please help adding photos and information to the pages and if a page needs more information, place it in the WIP category.

Song Stubs

Aside from main page stubs, if there are missing lyrics within the lyrics, please make sure you place them into the “Song Stub” rather than the general stub to make sure we know where is where.

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