I☆Ris Wiki
The following states what is and is not appropriate on this wiki. All users are expected to follow the rules and guidelines. Administrators have the right to block users for a period of time or permanently if they do not adhere with the rules. Please also be aware that administrators may change the rules from time to time.

General behaviour

  • Help out other users. It'll be gladly appreciated! 
  • Tell others about the site. We would love to have new contributors on this wiki!
  • Cyberbullying, harrassment and threatening of other users will not be tolerated on this wiki.
  • Do not use vulgar words anywhere on this site. Even if they are not used against another person, the message/comment will immediately be deleted/edited if found.
  • Do not reveal personal information about yourself or another person, is against FANDOM's terms of use and will be deleted.
  • Don't use multi-accounts or Sockpuppet
  • Do not troll.
  • Do not impersonate anyone.
  • Do not type in all full caps. (Comment will be edited)
  • According to FANDOM's terms of use, all users must be at least 13 years old to own an account. If you are caught under 13 by Wikia, you will be blocked globally.
  • Do not create articles that do not have anything to do with i☆Ris, or create a page that already exists. (To prevent the latter, type out the title on the search box before editing.) They will immediately be deleted.



  • We want information on i☆Ris Wiki to be as accurate as possible. If there is information which you may be unsure of, do not add it in.
    • It will be very appreciated if you provide a link or citation to the site where the information has been taken out to check the veracity of this information.
  • Do not erase information unless it is proven false. If you remove information unnecessarily, this will be considered vandalism and this wiki has zero tolerance for vandalism.
  • Try to keep comments on-topic.
  • It'll be much appreciated if you provide an edit summary after you are done with your edit, especially when it comes to a major removal/adding of information.
  • Don't add unnecessary categories.
  • Do not create categories, if you want to add a category to the wiki you must first ask an Admin or content moderator.
  • Articles must have a maximum of 7 categories.

Member articles

  • It is especially important here that the information in these articles be as accurate as possible.
  • We do not allowed fanatical editing.
  •  All descriptions must be impartial. Sentences containing editorial fanaticism must be rewritten objectively.
    • Bad Example: Sakisama is the most beautiful and talented member of I☆Ris.
    • Good Example: Yamakita Saki is a member of i☆Ris.
    • Descriptive adverbs and adjectives with connotations that convey the author's fanaticism or personal feeling should be left out. Beauty is a matter of opinion. Use pictures along with descriptions to get your point across.
  • You may update the image in the member infobox if it is outdated.

Song articles

  • Copy translations of i☆Ris songs from a trustworthy website.
  • Translations must be as much accurate as possible.
  • Do not use translations from Google Translate, due to the inaccuracy of the software itself.
  • Please credit the website which you got the translations. Some translators would love to have their work appreciated.
  • Information about the song: writer, composer, etc. must be accurate.

Blog and Forum

  • Do not spam.
  • Do not send the same message two times, it will be deleted.
  • Do not harass, flame or troll other users.
  • Do not bully random users or new users.
  • Do not create a post insulting or denigrating a member or the group, it will be deleted and the user will be blocked.
  • Posting about a unrelated topic or that is not related to a on-going conversation is spam.
  • About Promoting: This wiki is not a free-advertised site for you to create an account and start promoting the site of selling stuffs or fan-site of someone here. Wikis are created for providing knowledge for people, not for promoting or advertising. However, promoting is acceptable if you have spoken and reached an agreement with an administrator or the site you promote will provide accurate news, or be a source of knowledge to people on the wiki, or if that's the official fan site of this wiki. Also make sure the link you share does not contain any virus or spy/anti software.
  • Do not Necropost, if you comment in a forum or blog post that has more than a year of inactivity is considered Necropost.


  • Do not upload disturbing/horror images or videos. They will immediately be deleted.
    • Pornographic images/videos will result in a permanent ban and a talk with FANDOM staff.
  • You can upload images and videos which are not i☆Ris-related here on i☆Ris Wiki. However, it must not have inappropriate content and can only be used in profiles only or comments. No exceptions.
  • The images must be in HD or the best quality possible, in case no better quality images can be found they will be allowed.
  • To see more about images you can visit the image policy.

Images Gallery

  • Do not upload the same image again and again, it will be deleted, it will only be allowed if the previous image had a bad quality.
  • Do not upload images not related to the theme of the gallery, they will be removed.
    • Members' galleries must contain their respective promotional images, not images of other members.
    • In the album galleries must go all the promotional images related to the album.


  • Be nice. Do not post offensive comments.
  • Try to make your comment on-topic.
  • Do not spam. This means posting the same message again and again.
  • Do not curse.
  • Do not talk about religious or political topics, this wiki is about I☆Ris, a Japanese girl group.
  • Administrators have the right to delete/edited the comment if it is inappropriate.

User Profile

  • It is allowed to add any kind of content not related to I☆Ris, but not images/videos with pornographic, gore or insulting content.
  • Do not edit other user's profile, unless the user has given you permission or in such a case that some kind vandalism must be removed or the content is not allowed..
  • No indecent/obscene names are allowed, the user will be forced to change their name to a new one, if the user refuses to make this change, will be blocked.
  • Do not put personal information about yourself in your profile, that includes: your full name, specific place you live (house number, city, address, etc.)

User Blocks

When a user is blocked, abilities of editing will be restricted. Users may receive a block for a period of time if found engaging in inappropriate behaviour as discussed above.


  • Before an administrator issues a block, there must be seen efforts of educating the user on the wiki's guidelines and that their behaviour is conflicting with these rules.
  • Users who have received a block or a block warning are encouraged to communicate with administrators to explain their reasons or justify their edits, so that administrators could hear their point of views.
    • Engaging in inappropriate behaviour while trying to do so would be considered as making a personal attack or not adhering to a basic standard of civility and will increase the chances of the user being blocked.


  • Recurring failure to adhere with the rules and guidelines would result in a short block of a few days.
  • Repeated offenses even after being blocked would result in a block of lengthened duration. A user may be blocked infinitely after doing so several times.