I☆Ris Wiki

How images are placed in articles as well as their quality is a key point in making sure the Wiki is appealing to the eye. Below states what is acceptable for uploading and the use of the images. The admin in charge of Images will usually point out what is key to making sure the images are acceptable.

Image Guidelines

  1. The images must come from either:
    1. An Official Site (for posters, solo profiles etc.)
    2. Official Twitter Accounts
  2. Must have references
  3. When replacing an image, make sure you contact an admin before doing so.
  4. If any users upload their own images for their personal pages, they must be tagged as a user page image (within 24 hours) or it will be deleted.

Using Images

Picture Size Article pictures are to be kept at least 190px, with exclusion to images in infoboxes as they will be kept at 250px. When including images in articles, make sure these sizes are tagged.
Article Images As stated above, article images must be 190px but can be placed on the left or the right.
Sources In infoboxes, images should be official.
Profiles The most recent photo should be used as the one in the in the main infobox.
Gifs It is recommended to never use a .gif file as they are usually in low quality.

Labelling Images

Posters and Official Images Any name will suffice just as long as the title of whatever it is, is included (i.e, [[File:i☆Ris Logo.png]]
Idol Profiles Member/group name and the release title (i.e, i☆Ris Realize! / Ready Smile!! Yuki)


  1. Images are need to be at least 190px wide for the article images and at least 250px wide for the infoboxes.
  2. When uploading screenshot, refrain from including subtitles or other distractions such as the mouse or borders. It is preferred to use the raw files for screenshotting.
  3. Pictures should not be edited and must be uploaded the exact way it was found.


  1. Images must be in .jpg or .png format.
  2. Duplicates of images will be deleted.
  3. Fan images and fan art is not permitted.
  4. Inappropriate images will be deleted and user will be blocked without warning.
  5. Don't upload images you don't intend to use.
  6. Do not credit yourself as the owner of the image.